Friday Communication Coming Soon

Attention Butler Tech students and parents:  As part of Butler Tech’s Tier 2 Hybrid plan, Fridays during semester one are either distance learning days or face-to-face on campus when an instructor or administrator requests for you to attend campus for intervention and/or enrichment activities. At the beginning of each week, students will receive an individualized… Read more »

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Physical communication is key in the face of COVID19

Along with health and safety-challenges this back-to-school season, social distancing and masks have created obstacles for interpersonal communication and relationship building. Each year, more than half of Butler Tech’s campus students are new to the district, coming from one of the eleven associate high schools across the county. This fusion of students creates opportunities for… Read more »

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Daily Screening Checklist for Students and Staff

In our continued effort to meet current health and safety recommendations to ensure the wellbeing of our students and staff, we have created a Daily Home Screening checklist for students and staff. Please complete this self-evaluation each morning before leaving to come to Butler Tech. To download the checklist, click here.

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