Colerain Career Center

Colerain High School students may enroll in Butler Tech career training programs at the Colerain Career Center, Northwest Career Center or at any of Butler Tech’s campuses.

Butler Tech career programs will help you prepare for college and entering the workforce. Our instructors connect students to real world experiences, mentors and internship opportunities. Our classrooms are designed to look and function like the actual industry environment.

Students who enroll in career training programs will spend half their day in their career lab and the other portion completing academic requirements for graduation. Many students say they become more excited about learning because the hands-on activities in their career labs keep them engaged.

All of the career programs at the Colerain Career Center are Tech Prep programs, which prepare students for occupations of the future. The coursework provides advanced competencies in math, science, communication and technology. The Tech Prep program integrates academic, occupational, and employability competencies at all educational levels.

Curriculum competencies are designed jointly by local business, industry, and labor representatives along with high school teachers and college faculty. The competencies are sequenced to allow a seamless transition from high school to college. All Tech Prep programs at Colerain and Northwest have college articulation agreements with Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium.

Students who have questions about Butler Tech programs can contact the program instructors or speak to their school counselor.

Programs at Colerain Career Center

Commercial Truck and Equipment Repair

Criminal Justice

Dental Science

Engineering Design

Healthcare Science

High School of Business

Precision Machining

Programming and Software Development