Shaping the nurses of tomorrow

Mallory Trousdale

Mallory Trousdale, STNA instructor

Having been a State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA) herself, Mallory Trousdale understands not only the process but the reward.

“Becoming an STNA opens many doors for students,” she said. “There is a huge need for STNAs, and the money and benefits are wonderful for students and their families.”

Mallory says becoming an STNA is required to work in long term care, such as nursing homes. She says often times this is a good start and can lead to even more training.

“Many facilities will pay for students to go back to school for their LPN (licensed practical nurse),” she said. “Then, they can attend another 10 months and earn their LPN and begin their career as a nurse.”

Mallory herself opted to keep going with her schooling. She started as an STNA, became an LPN, and now, she is a registered nurse (RN) who received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.

As Butler Tech’s new STNA primary instructor, Mallory is responsible for educating students in the classroom as well as at clinical sites. The goal is that students will complete her 13 day class and pass the state certification to make them officially an STNA.

“I think adult education is so important, because it reinforces the idea that it’s never too late,” she said. “Life happens and often requires a change of plans, and Butler Tech helps to provide that change when it occurs.”

Mallory has been impressed with Butler Tech’s nursing program, especially how it provides a way for students to continue working while receiving their education.

“I have enjoyed working with students, because their eagerness to learn and excitement to make a change and benefit their future is often contagious, she said. “There is no better honor than shaping the nurses of tomorrow.”

Mallory resides in Springboro. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart and has two young boys.