The sky is truly the limit in Aviation Exploration

In preparation for Student Showcases, Aviation Exploration students witnessed first hand the process of developing student voice by watching a WWII Boeing Stearman Training plane, take flight 3 different occasions as the instructor, Rich Packer hosted flights for Butler Tech team members William Sprankles, Kristen Abudakar, and Ann Rush.

After observing the flight, the staff modeled for students the four threads of student voice: content, culture, social and emotional learning, and metacognition, all of which will be incorporated into their own projects mid-October.

“I think the students were blown away that their teacher and a high-level administrator could just hop in an airplane like that and fly away. I think it was a realization that their teacher, like so many other teachers at Butler Tech, has real-world experience and abilities,” explained Rick Packer, Aviation Exploration instructor.

Prior to each flight, students gave tours in teams to the visiting team members and provided an overview about what they had learned about this particular plane prior to seeing it take flight.

Aviation exploration flying in prop plane