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Butler Tech Auto Tech Students Gain Real-World Experience on Field Trip with National Guard


Butler Tech’s Auto Tech students recently had the opportunity to dig into the world of military maintenance and technology during a field trip organized by the National Guard at the Hamilton, Ohio Army National Guard. The trip was part of a collaborative effort to enhance the student’s practical knowledge, facilitated by recruiters SGT Erickson, SFC Kaufman, and SFC Shumaker.

The field trip centered around the Field Maintenance Shop (FMS 11), a comprehensive maintenance facility dedicated to servicing a variety of military vehicles and equipment. According to SFC Zach Walker, the FMS operates with a team of full-time National Guard soldiers who handle maintenance tasks across different levels.

“The students were able to witness firsthand the day-to-day operations of a high-level military maintenance facility. They saw presentations on routine maintenance and logs of vehicles such as the LMTV and Humvee, and the Avenger Crew Missile system,” Walker explained.

One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of the GhostEye MR Radar, developed by Raytheon. This advanced piece of radar equipment provided students with insights into modern surveillance and tracking technologies.

The educational experience extended beyond vehicle maintenance. The students also visited the armory where they received hands-on training with two types of military weapons: the M249 Bravo machine gun and the M4 rifle. This segment of the trip emphasized the mechanical and technical skills necessary in both military and civilian mechanical careers.

Butler Tech’s commitment to providing real-world, practical experiences is a cornerstone of its mission to prepare students not only for college but also for career readiness. Field trips like this one with the National Guard play a crucial role in fulfilling this mission by exposing students to real-world applications of their studies and helping them connect classroom learning to practical, on-the-ground scenarios.