The Education Revolution

“A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.” ~Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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Four Students Making an Impact with
Passion, Purpose, and Vision

The Education Revolution

A Documentary Film

The Education Revolution follows four high school students as they make the difficult decision to step away from the traditional school system to attend one of the largest career technical education districts in Ohio. Over the course of the 2019-2020 school year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this documentary tells the story of how an education steeped in personalized learning, unique initiatives, and innovative opportunities can transform lives and become a replicable model across the nation, ending outdated, one-size-fits-all education.

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The Education Revolution

Documentary Trailer

Episode 1

Pursue Your Passion. Find Your Purpose.

Episode 2

Student Voice & Failing Forward!

Episode 3

Overcoming Obstacles During COVID-19 & Making an IMPACT!

We are NOT the answer.
We are the AGITATOR.

We are a collective of determined students, parents, educators, policy makers and business owners who are disrupting the assembly-line model of the public education system. To create a model with equity, access, inclusion, and diversity through student voice and student motivation. To equip young people to live authentic and fruitful lives.

The film causes us to rethink how to DO education. It inspires us to step back and listen to the very people we are charged with preparing for the future.
This is real disruption.
Shane Haggerty, APR

Owner/PR Consultant Purposeland

“Butler Tech has taken the seed of an idea -- to extend the real-world experiences of students in ways that meet their interests -- and created a world of opportunities with and for students that are engaging, thought-provoking, and real.”
Thomas S. Poetter

PhD, Professor and Chair,
Miami University Department of Educational Leadership

For all those who think that America’s system of public education cannot change to meet the needs of the knowledge age…I strongly encourage you to learn about the revolution unfolding…
Jamie Vollmer

Founder, Schools Cannot Do It Alone Network

High-quality career and technical education drives positive change. This documentary exemplifies what all programs need to look like in the 21st century, including a focus on every student and their voice and choice, a commitment to access and equity, and strong connections to business and community involvement.
LeAnn Wilson

Executive Director, Association for Career and Technical Education

A remarkable showcase of the power of CTE and its powerful impact on students.
Mark C. Perna

Speaker, Author, and CEO of TFS Results

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We're igniting passion and purpose

in the difference makers

The Education Revolution

5 Pillars

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Reforming Education Policy

In order to expand educational opportunities for all students, Butler Tech is committed to working with local, state, and national lawmakers to reform education policy. The initiatives below embody a sampling of bold and innovative changes Butler Tech is implementing and promoting.

  • Competency-based education vs. seat time
  • Erasing the “leave no child untested model”
  • Embracing experiential learning
  • Broadband access for all students – Access to curriculum 24/7
  • Equitable funding for all students across America

Embracing the Change Process

Changes, adjustments, and variations to the status-quo are a constant, and in order to thrive through the transition, we must embrace the change process and allow this particular constant to become a norm. At Butler Tech, we utilize the EMPOWER acronym as a cultural norm toward advancing the education revolution.

Redefining Learning

The inverse of educating is learning, and in order to truly revolutionize education, we must redefine for our students their role and expectations. Our students must become valuable participants and partners in the exchange, they must reimagine success beyond grades and scores and they must recognize that learning is a never-ending journey, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Amplify student voice
  • Redefining metrics for success
  • Learning is everywhere
  • Experiential learning

Partnerships with Industry, government and communities

Artificial intelligence. Next-generation vaccines. 3D metal printing. Self-driving cars. The world is moving at the speed of business and Butler Tech is leading an education revolution to keep pace.  Butler Tech recognizes that to meet the workforce demands of tomorrow, it takes purposeful and productive partnerships today with local industry, community members, and elected officials.

  • Butler Tech Workforce Services
  • Business Advisory Council
  • Pontem Leap
  • Customized training

Collective Efficacy

Until we are inclusive, equitable, accessible, and diverse enough in our education system, it will be very difficult to make progress.  For true reconciliation, we must be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

  • Shared beliefs with collective action; Inclusion, Access, Equity, Diversity
  • Project LIFE


Notable Numbers

Student Achievement


Butler Tech high school graduation rate

Reach Greatest Number of Students


High school & adult students served yearly

Stakeholder Engagement


Student Fifth Day Experiences

Stakeholder Engagement


Outside partners for Fifth Day Experiences

Financial Stability

$4 M

Total in capital investments in 2019-2020

Student Achievement


College Credits earned by the Butler Tech Class of 2021

Student Achievement

$6.8 M

Scholarship money earned by the Butler Tech Campus Class of 2021

Student Achievement


Industry Credential Opportunities

The Education Revolution

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