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2012-02-28 BPA Volunteers for Special Olympics
2012-02-28 National Future Educators Competition and Conference Results
2012-02-27 Butler Tech Annual Preschool Valentine Day Party
2012-02-13 BPA Region 17 Awards Results
2012-02-06 100th Day of School Celebration
2012-02-03 Where in the World is Our Principal?
2012-01-30 Master the Mainframe
2012-01-24 New Year New Skills!
2011-12-13 Where in the World is Our Principal?
2011-12-07 New Adult Education Programs Starting in January
2011-11-29 Students raise homeless awareness with Cardboard City
2011-11-22 New 2011-12 Butler Tech Ohio BPA State Officers
2011-11-22 Butler Tech Holds Annual All Staff Day & Food Drive
2011-11-11 Teacher Academy - Sticks & Stones
2011-11-10 NJROTC Orienteering Meet
2011-10-29 Spirit of Construction Gala
2011-10-28 Butler Tech Preschool one class holds fall literacy day
2011-10-25 Where in the World is Our Principal?
2011-10-22 Butler Tech Youth Rodeo Stars
2011-10-21 Butler Tech IT Tech programs annual community service project
2011-10-12 Where in the World is Our Principal?
2011-10-11 BPA Holds Regional Conference - Torch Ceremony
2011-10-07 BPA Holds Regional Conference - Officer Induction
2011-10-06 Butler Tech - Adult Education Open House
2011-10-04 Education in Action
2011-09-29 Great Balls of Fire
2011-09-27 Car Enthusiasts Support Auto Tech

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2011-11-10 Where in the World is Our Principal?


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