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Butler Tech students in the Introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) class demonstrate to D. Russel Lee Building Principal Lisa Tuttle-Huff (lying supine) the proper technique for placing a patient on a backboard and restraining them for transport.


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Firefighting Instructor Ed Emley (below, holding hose) demonstrates the danger of using water to try to extinguish a grease fire. This demonstration was part of larger exercise to show D. Russel Lee students the different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them. Several students and assistant principal Steve Jackson tried their hand in using the fire extinguishers. Firefighting students also demonstrated the use of some of the equipment they use in their training program


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Bob Piper, Vice President of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Butler County (second from right) hands a check for $290 to Auto Tech instructor Ted Hensley. The donation represents half of the event day registration money from the club's last annual car parade. Butler Tech's Auto Tech program was selected by the club's membership from a host of non-profit and charitable organizations. This is the second time the Antique and Classic Car Club has chosen Auto Tech to be the recipient of their generosity. "We wish we could do more," said Piper. "Hopefully we can do more down the road."


Pictured left to right: Chris M. (student ambassador), Ted Hensley (instructor), Bob Piper, Nick C. (student ambassador)