119 students heading to HOSA state comps

Students holding certificates

Future health professionals in Butler Tech programs helped to put our region on the map at HOSA regional competitions. The district will send 119 students to state-level competition at the University of Toledo in April. HOSA’s mission is to promote career opportunities in healthcare and enhance the delivery of quality healthcare. Winners of the state competition will advance to nationals in Orlando, Florida, in June.

Bioscience Center State Qualifiers

First Name Last Name Home School Competition Placed
Shelby Anderson Fairfield Health Education 4th
Alyssa Ballman Fairfield Public Health Display 2nd
Morgan Brewer Colerain Medical Assisting 2nd
Rachel Burgess Fairfield Health Education 4th
McKenzie Chandler Middletown Home Health Aid 2nd
Ryan DeNoma Colerain Community Awareness 1st
Morgan Flynn Fairfield Public Health Display 2nd
Hannah Gentry Lakota East Medical Reading 1st
Micolas Grzanke Colerain Community Awareness 1st
Autumn Hacker Colerain Personal Care 3rd
Julia Hartinger Lakota East Pathophysiology 5th
Zachariah Holzschuh Colerain CPR/First Aid 4th
Thomas Jackson Lakota West Community Awareness 1st
Taylor Kehrt Harper Colerain Dental science 4th
Lillian Kellum Fairfield Pharmacology 5th
Hannah Klaassen Lakota East Interviewing Skills 1st
Merannda Land Colerain Dental science 1st
Madeline Lindley Lakota West HOSA Bowl 4th
Katherine Luken Fairfield Clinical Nursing 4th
Abigale Marshall Colerain Job Seeking Skills 3rd
Krista Martin Lakota West Job Seeking Skills 4th
Keirsten Mays Edgewood Prepared Speaking 5th
Alexis Meals Edgewood Personal Care 4th
DaManuel Montgomery Northwest Life support skills 1st
Connor Oligee Madison High School Community Awareness 1st
Kelsey Owens Northwest HOSA Bowl 4th
Scarlett Owens Fairfield Public Health Display 2nd
Jared Rice Ross Health Education 4th
Lydia Richey Fairfield Public Health Display 2nd
Haley Roos Talawanda Nursing Assisting 3rd
Kayla Schneider Edgewood Interviewing Skills 3rd
Melany Sosa Fairfield Prepared Speaking 2nd
Tara Sprandel Colerain Healthy Lifestyle 4th
Luke Stickler Lakota West CPR/First Aid 4th
Jacqueline Tanner-Blair Lakota East Medical Photography 2nd
Megan Torbeck Colerain Community Awareness 3rd
Taylor Tribbey Middletown Medical Assisting 1st
Nicolai Waddell Northwest Medical Math 3rd
Cammie Whiles Edgewood Community Awareness 3rd
Kirsten Wiandt Lakota West HOSA Bowl 4th

Colerain High School State Qualifiers

First Name Last Name Competition Placed
Morgan Atkinson Health Education 3rd
Bethany Kolbinsky Health Education 3rd
Jessica Marpet Health Education 3rd
Katherine Rawlings Health Education 5th
Danielle Sinclair Health Education 5th

Lakota East State Qualifiers

First Name Last Name Competition Placed
Shamil Abdu Medical Innovation 4th
Hannah Ackerman CPR/First Aide 1st
Lexie Adams Medical Innovation 2nd
Cole Adams Researched Persuasive Speaking 3rd
Beakal Amsalu Epidemiology 2nd
Lexie Anderson Clincial Nursing 5th
Haseeb Bakali Medical Innovation 4th
Paige Bentley Medical Math 2nd
Mollie Black Vet Science 1st
Alyssa Bolander Public Service Announcement 1st
Talia Brown Debate 2nd
Grace Chaney Healthy Lifestyle 1st
Allison Colburn Hosa bowl 5th
Jack Cooney Hosa bowl 3rd
Sarah Cope Pathophysiology 4th
Zaynab Darwiche Clinical nursing 2nd
Kennedy Davis Prepared Speaking 1st
Madison Delaney Vet Science 3rd
Braylee Dishun Medical Innovation 1st
Jenna Duckworth Forensic Medicine 5th
Julia Finley Medical Innovation 1st
Alyson Hamilton Medical Reading 2nd
Chase Harris Medical Innovation 2nd
Lauren Harvey Extemporaneus writing 1st
Makenna Henderson Medical Reading 3rd
Bridget Herzog Problem Solving 2nd
Hayden Hoogerhyde Medical Math 1st
Marissa Howard Public Service Announcement 4th
Chole Huggins Medical Spelling 4th
Aidan Hunt CERT Skills 1st
Zack Kozerski Debate 2nd
Brooke Lilly CERT Skills 1st
Maddox Linneman Medical Innovation 2nd
Sara Lunsford Forensic Medicine 5th
Grace Lunsford Medical Innovation 1st
Mikayla Mason Public Service Announcement 4th
Jake Neltner Problem Solving 2nd
Makayla Newman Debate 2nd
Michael Omaits Hosa bowl 5th
Sam Pannek Medical Innovation 1st
Grace Phair CPR/First Aide 2nd
Madison Pucke Clincial Nursing 1st
Ben Reimer Hosa bowl 3rd
Sofia Seppi CPR/First Aide 1st
Jessica Stang Med term 4th
Sarah Strack Problem Solving 2nd
Ryan Strapp Hosa bowl 5th
Jefferson Szydlowski Debate 2nd
Chris Whitehead Hosa bowl 3rd
Katrina Wilson First Aid/CPR 2nd
Brady Wilson Public Service Announcement 4th

Lakota West State Qualifiers

First Name Last Name Competition Placed
Adnoh Arko Medical Math 5th
Carly Clisham Crime Scene Investigation 1st
Esi Donkor Medical Innovation 5th
Madison Dubler Medical Innovation 5th
Claudia Gibson Medical Innovation 5th
Ali Hausfeld KT Nutrition 1st
Teagan Kleman Medical Terminology 5th
Alex Koziel Transcultural Health 5th
Sona Patel Medical Reading 4th
Courtney Powless KT Human Growth and Development 2nd
Abby Rockenhaus KT Pharmacology 4th
Khalil Saleh Medical Innovation 5th
Isabel Steen Crime Scene Investigation 1st
Farha Watley Research Persuasive Speaking 5th

Northwest High School State Qualifiers

First Name Last Name Competition Placed
Madison Boomer Creative Problem Solving Team #1 5th
Lydia Bryant Healthy Lifestyle 4th
Mya Chapman Creative Problem Solving Team #1 5th
Morgan Cook Creative Problem Solving Team #1 5th
Victoria Davis Medical Photography 3rd
Sarah Eckhoff Clinical Nursing 3rd
McKenzie Foster Extemporaneous Writing 3rd
Alaina Maddy Creative Problem Solving Team #1 5th
Melanie Wilzbach Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking 4th