Butler Tech Construction students partner with Legacy Builders Group

Construction students at our Northwest Campus are partnering with the Legacy Builders Group for the demolition phase of a house remodel.

“Partnering with Butler Tech is one small way we can give back to our community. It’s very rewarding to help educate and encourage these students interested in professionally skilled trades.”

The students began the project by participating in the deconstruction of the kitchen and bathroom while also learning how their demolition task impacts the overall project scope moving forward.

“There is a serious shortage in the skilled trade industries, therefore a great opportunity for students interested in these professions such as carpentry, electric, plumbing, and HVAC. There is a surge of re-education taking place across the country that these are respectful and fulfilling career paths, ripe with opportunity. Projects like this give these students valuable insight and exposure to the work world they are considering, ” said Chris Otte of Legacy Builders Group.