5 Butler Tech-Colerain Students Earn Associates of Applied Science while in high school

Associate degree students

Jacob Riede, Antonio Hartmann, Brittany Ashcraft, William Coffey, and Jenna Oliverio all Butler Tech – Colerain High School seniors, earned an Associate of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology (A.A.S. in M.E.T.) from Sinclair University. Their work was focused on design, manufacturing and programming of electro-mechanical systems. They have each earned industry certification in SolidWorks, CSWA; learned Autodesk Inventor; completed coursework in additive and traditional manufacturing. Each student has decided to matriculate into college this fall as a 2nd or 3rd-year engineering student to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Technology before entering the workforce.

“These fantastic students have pushed very hard to complete the work for high school, college and industry credentials. They understand the value of perseverance, the benefits of extraordinary teamwork while also maintaining dedication to their individual success. They have been an inspiration to our students and staff,” said David Campbell, Butler Tech Instructor of the high school Mechatronics program.