Social Media Guidelines

DON’T Be Spammy.

When writing to us on social media, please refrain from posting “spam”. This includes content unrelated to Butler Tech or our educational services. If something is posted to any of our social media platforms that do not follow this guideline, we will remove the post. We want to keep our platforms clean and free from content that does not relate to education, our students, or Butler Tech.

DO Tell Us What Your Think!

We appreciate all feedback that students and alumni have to offer about Butler Tech. Please let us know about your favorite classes, your best memory, or your favorite teacher so that we can share these with other graduates, current students, and prospective students. Feel free to ask us questions and share any concerns you have about our school. We’ll reply with a thoughtful response that will hopefully help you and others engaging with us on social media.

DON’T Be Rude!

Butler Tech will NOT tolerate the transmission of comments, jokes, pictures, or other materials which are obscene, lewd, vulgar, or disparaging of persons based on their race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation on our social media platforms and beyond. We will not tolerate bullying. We ask that all students, faculty and staff be mindful and courteous before posting to our pages. We wish to foster a climate of mutual respect between all persons engaging with Butler Tech, and we will not hesitate to remove any such posts from our social media networks.

AND Be Sure To Remember…

Our social media platforms are meant to enhance the Butler Tech experience. We are dedicated to the enrichment of our students’ lives both during school and beyond. Harassment in any way regarding any individual or group of people will result in immediate post removal and we will potentially remove you from our page if you partake in offensive content. Compliance with these rules will result in a fun, educational, and overall fantastic social media experience for students, faculty, staff and parents. Now go forth and share, engage, and enjoy!

Butler Tech reserves the right to delete posts or block users who do not meet our guidelines.

Students, faculty, staff and contractors:  For more information about Butler Tech’s social media policy and guidelines, refer to the Acceptable Use Policy or contact your building administrator or information technology.