Emergency Medical Technician


Would you like to be the first one to respond to actual emergency situations in your community? An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is the first line of pre-hospital care. City fire departments, rescue squads, private ambulance companies and corporate entities use the services of the EMT to render first aid and emergency medical care while at the scene of an emergency and during transport to a hospital.

Typically, an EMT is one of the first responders on the scene and will assess the nature and extent of the injuries or illness, provide the appropriate emergency care and determine transportation needs. EMTs manage airway and breathing problems, control bleeding, treat shock and more as they stabilize patients before transporting them to medical facilities.

This course is designed for the individual who wants to become an EMT or get his/her EMT Certification as a prerequisite to attending the Paramedic Academy. Classroom and clinical experiences prepare students for this certification. They will receive training in CPR, EMS operations, medical emergencies and management, trauma emergencies, and many other topics required by the State of Ohio Emergency Medical Technician curriculum.

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