Apprenticeships & Internships

Butler Tech needs business partners who are interested in providing internship and job shadowing experiences to our high school students and adult learners.

As one of Ohio’s largest career technical education centers, Butler Tech offers a broad array of career-­focused education. Local businesses play an important role in furthering that education
by providing students hands-­on opportunities to apply their learnings in real-world settings.

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  • Job Shadowing: A worksite visit experience where a student simply observes. It usually happens only on a temporary basis and is unpaid. Students can job shadow as part of a group and tour the facilities, sit down with different departments, and get an overall feel of the workplace environment and daily tasks.

    Internship: Internships provide hands-on training in a specific career area, enhance classroom learning, and help to create a connection between education and the world of work. Interns would work weekly (less than 40 hours) for about 6 ­ 12 weeks in length. Interns can establish a schedule that works for their academics and the company.

  • Benefits to businesses:

    • Potential to identify future employees and an excellent recruiting tool
    • A fresh perspective from the younger generation
    • Investment in an industry by educating future talent
    • Interns bring technology-savvy skills and 21st-century skills to a workplace environment


    Benefits to students:

    • Learn and enhance technical skills that are transferable to the work environment
    • Develop professional skills that are beneficial in any workplace
    • Experience workplace culture
    • Connect and network with a potential future employer and field professionals
  • Requirements for the employer:

    • Sign an intern agreement with Butler Tech Workforce Services
    • Assign an effective mentor or point person
    • Follow learning objectives and goals set in place by the Butler Tech internship training plan
    • Provide a safe learning environment for the student
    • Provide the student with an orientation session or tour of facilities
    • Provide weekly feedback, sign student’s weekly log, and fill out the final evaluation for the intern

    Requirements of the intern:

    • Attend prerequisite Ohio Means Jobs training hosted by Butler Tech Workforce Services
    • Maintain professionalism, including arriving on time, attendance, dress, and overall attitude
    • Consistent communication with the employer
    • Attend safety training/orientation and adhere to safety practices
    • Adhere to both Butler Tech and the businesses rules and policies
    • Fill out an employer evaluation form
  • Marni Durham

    Phone: 513-­645-­8244 | Email: durhamm@ButlerTech.org