Aviation Exploration comes to life

The first incoming class of Butler Tech’s Aviation Exploration program was given a task to complete within 48 hours of their first day of school. Their mission: create a life-size outline of a WW2 B-17 Bomber using their bodies.

The students got to work researching the schematics, blueprints, and history of this famous aircraft. They used rope and each other to create a life-size outline of the famous aircraft. The photo was taken with a drone that the students will shortly learn how to operate.


Outcomes of this activity:

*The first day of school can be intimidating for so many students. This activity requires students to hit the ground running to network and connect with other students in a fun team working mission.

*Blueprints and schematics can be a slightly boring topic to research. This activity provides a creative way to connect research with real-world applications while using limited resources

*With an aggressive 48-hour deadline, students worked together to be resourceful while being comfortable with failing forward to accomplish this picture.