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Butler Tech Application & Lottery FAQ


  • You will receive an email about selection and placement offers for 1st choice up to 4th choice offers or a waitlist status update starting in mid-February.
  • Students will receive different emails at various times because of the significant number of applications for Butler Tech programs.
  • Initial acceptance notifications are sent through email from lotteryplacementhelpdesk@butlertech.org for all students selected for placement.
  • Student Selection and Placement offers may be sent from mid-February through August 18, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Placement into a program can be ongoing because another student may decline their acceptance offer. That means, if you are in the “waitlist” status and another student declines their acceptance, you have a chance to get into the program depending on your lottery hierarchy number. We encourage you to continue checking your email for any notifications until August 18, 2023.

    During the admissions process, you may receive a phone call from the Recruitment Coordinator. The Recruitment Coordinator is authorized to discuss your lottery status and/or provide up-to-date information regarding your placement status.

  • We know everyone is excited during this time, but we ask you to please be patient. Please refer to the dates at the top of this document on placement communication.  Always check your verified email address from your original application.

    You may receive a phone call from the Recruitment Coordinator. The Recruitment Coordinator is authorized to discuss your lottery status. They may reach out to provide any up-to-date information regarding your placement in a program at Butler Tech. Principals, Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, Secretaries, etc., will not have access to this information and will therefore direct you to contact the Recruitment Coordinator with questions. The Recruitment Coordinator’s contact information is listed below:


    Tiffany Jones
    Secondary Education Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Butler Tech
    513-645-8332 (direct)

  • Acceptance

    Accepting placement – Students who accept their acceptance offer will be placed in that respective program for the 2023-2024 school year at Butler Tech. Students will receive instructions on the onboarding and admissions process through email.


    Please consider this thoroughly before officially declining your 1st choice placement acceptance offer. You will have five (5) calendar days from the email notification to accept or deny the acceptance offer in an email. If you decline acceptance, the Recruitment Coordinator will contact your parent, guardian, or home school counselor listed on the application to confirm.

    Declining 1st Choice Placement – Any student who declines their 1st choice program will forfeit their place in the official lottery hierarchy. That means the next student, in numerical order, will be offered the subsequent available placement in that program. If a student declines their 1st choice placement and the Recruitment Coordinator confirms it with the parent or guardian, they cannot change their mind but may reapply to Butler Tech for any remaining Open Programs starting March 1, 2023.

    Declining 2nd – 4th Choice Programs – Any student who declines any other choice may continue to wait for offers in their other selected program if space becomes available. Any student who declines their 2nd choice will forfeit their 2nd choice program only, and the next student, in order, will be offered the subsequent available placement in that program and so forth.

  • All program choices will be finalized; therefore, a student may not switch placement offers with another program choice due to the complexity of lottery placement.

  • You may still apply to Butler Tech starting March 1, 2023. This application process will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any student who becomes credit(s) eligible or residing within Ohio but outside our Career Technical Planning District may apply for any open programs after the lottery selection process. Please note that after the lottery process concludes and all qualified student placements are exhausted, an Open Application process will occur until all programs are filled and closed.


  • Please be aware that placement at Butler Tech is pending review of end-of-year transcripts. For students who receive special education services, an IEP or Section 504 meeting will be convened by your home district this spring at your high school. For students with a 504 or ESL plans your plan will be reviewed by Butler Tech staff to determine if a meeting is needed.  Representatives from your home district, as well as you, your parents, and a representative from Butler Tech, will be invited to attend. The purpose of this meeting is to determine a plan for appropriate services and support as it relates to your attendance in the program at Butler Tech.

  • Absolutely! Please also know that your lottery number is protected and considered confidential. Therefore, only the Recruitment Coordinator can discuss your lottery hierarchy number with you or your parent/guardian during the admissions process. The Recruitment Coordinator will not discuss any student number or confirm any other student status to protect the privacy of other student applicants. Always check your verified email for updates.

  • Please email or call the Recruitment Coordinator.

    Tiffany Jones
    Secondary Education Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Butler Tech
    513-645-8332 (direct)