Butler Tech grad returns to help build new LeSourdsville Campus

David Murphy stands next to HVAC equipment on roof of Butler Tech LeSourdsville Campus

The Butler Tech LeSourdsville Campus wasn’t just another construction job for David Murphy. It was a return to the school where he launched his career. “I started working on this project when it was just one great big room,” Murphy shared. “Look at it now with the walls, paint and floors. This place is going to be great for a lot of students.”

Murphy came to Butler Tech from Fairfield High School and studied construction electricity. He says that choice made an immediate difference in his school work. “As soon as I did, my grades got so much better,” Murphy said. “I’m just a hands-on person and the programs at Butler Tech let me learn by doing.”

After graduating high school in 2008, Murphy continued his education by enrolling in the HVAC/R program in Butler Tech Adult Education. “The instructors were great,” he said. “You could talk to them and ask questions about what you were learning. They knew the business and how to teach you what you needed to know.”

Murphy’s career took him to Duke Energy for electrical work and Target for HVAC maintenance. After trying his hand at running his own business, Murphy found the work-life balance he was looking for at J. Feldcamp Design Build. That job brought him back home to Butler Tech.

David Murphy making electrical repairs at Butler Tech LeSourdsville Campus At the Butler Tech LeSourdsville Campus, Murphy worked on five of the existing HVAC units, installed two new units to heat and cool the buildings, and mini units specially designed for regulating moisture and temperature of the technology systems.

Ben Lampe, operations manager for J. Feldcamp, said Murphy’s solid knowledge makes him a great employee. “Butler Tech graduates have a good base of knowledge to get them started in the field,” Lampe said. “On the job is where you are going to learn the most, but what they learn in the program gives them the basic understanding they need to get started.”

J. Feldkamp has plans to add residential maintenance to their work and will be looking for graduates from the Industrial Welding and HVAC/R programs.

The Butler Tech LeSourdsville Campus opened in August 2018 and is the new home for healthcare programs, industry and manufacturing programs, and student services.