Butler Tech Hero Academy

Middletown Police Officer Austin Mooney, a Butler Tech Adult Education Basic Police Academy Program graduate, and his partner, Officer Sheoki Reece, were presented Heroism Awards by State Fire Marshal Jeff Hussey for the life-saving actions they made by entering a burning house and rescuing a couple.

Mooney graduated from the Police Academy in August 2018, then was hired by the Middletown Division of Police in November. He is assigned to ride with a Field Training Officer for four to six months, then be given an examination by the officers. If he passes, he will ride by himself then begin his one-year probation.

As Reece and Mooney discussed their first-day adventure, she told him with a smile: “I expect this tomorrow.” This was the officers’ first shift together. When the incident occurred, Mooney had only been on the job for 4 months. Officer Reece is a 10-year veteran and a certified Field Training Officer.

“Can’t ask for better people,” said Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw of the officers.

Middletown Police