Butler Tech partners with manufacturers to support industry careers

Rhinestahl representative and co-ops speaking with students.

Surrounded by cheering fans at the Colerain High School and Lakota West High School football game was the 2017 Butler Tech Manufacturing Event, hosted by Butler Tech in collaboration with their manufacturer partners. The event helped students learn about the many innovative careers and advanced technology in the field.

As students walked around talking with friends and dancing to drum cadences, their attention was drawn to metallic objects manufacturers put on display. One-by-one students gathered around to carefully examine the items and after a complete inspection, asked what they’re used for and how they’re made. Answers such as, “To build aircraft engines,”, “Monitor satellites,”, “Built wind turbines,” surprised students as a chorus of ‘really’ and ‘oh cool’ travelled from nearly every booth.

Junior and senior co-ops in Butler Tech’s Precision Machining program also showed to speak with students about how helpful it is to already work in the industry.

“It’s great that I can get this experience now and learn about all the tools and technology while getting paid,” said a senior co-op from Colerain High School.

State Rep. Bill Blessing speaks with parents.

State Representative Bill Blessing attended the event to show his support for the industry and speak with students and parents to help dispel myths around manufacturing careers.

“With manufacturing, you’re involved with everything. In fact, much of it is computer aided at this point so there’s a lot of work with technology,” explains Rep. Blessing, an electrical engineer in research and development. “There’s never a dull moment because you’re always a part of interesting projects and using your mind creatively to problem solve.”

Manufacturing is shrouded in a stereotype that depicts workers in a grease-stained building with no future career prospects. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The work environment is clean and organized with in demand, high paying careers in engineering, welding, computer programming, design and research and development. Many companies invest in co-op students to help pay for their associates and other advanced degrees.

“As far as getting involved with manufacturing and being in high school, Butler Tech does a great job getting students the experience they need in the industry.”

The Butler Tech Precision Machining program is offered at D. Russel Lee and Colerain High School campuses. It provides juniors and seniors with a diverse range of courses and the chance to apply for a paid internship and co-op.