Butler Tech student performs Heimlich maneuver and saves friend

Junior IT student, Josean Ortiz, quickly jumped into action when he noticed a fellow student choking. As a trained Lifeguard and First Aid provider, Josean knew exactly what to do when PLTW student Alexis Klayer showed signs of airway obstruction. She was unable to breathe and was clearly panicked. She reached for Josean to get his attention but was unable to speak. When Josean realized the seriousness of the situation, he immediately began performing abdominal thrusts (formerly known as the Heimlich maneuver) until the food was dislodged and popped out. It was then that Alexis could breathe and thank Josean for his quick thinking and actions.

“I am so grateful Josean knew what to do and noticed me waving my arms! Ever since my family has been treating him like a hero!” said Alexis.

“I learned the Heimlich through my Lifeguard training and scuba certification, so when I saw that her face was completely red and she wasn’t talking, I just jumped into action and my training took over,” said Josean.

Great job Josean!

josean and alexis