Butler Tech’s ROCK 144 suffers last-minute knockout at robotics competition

Students at robotics competition

It was an amazing run for Butler Tech Engineering Design students at the Miami Valley Regional FIRST Robotics competition. The Robotics Organization of Cardinals and Knights, also known as “ROCK 144,” blazed into Wittenberg University for two days of grueling competition.

ROCK 144, made up of students from both Colerain and Northwest High Schools, unveiled “Obsidian,” a newly designed robot that can pivot on a dime, shoot and collect a hopper full of Wiffle balls, and support its own weight while climbing a strap. The team dominated during qualifying rounds with 10 wins and one loss. It secured ROCK 144 as the #1 seed at the event.

Heading into the main competition, top seeded teams get to choose alliances to further them on the path toward victory. Joining forces with Cyber Blue 234 from Indiana and Hard-Working Hard Hats 337 from West Virginia, ROCK 144 set the high score of the event in their first playoff match.

The other teams quickly changed strategy and decided to counter ROCK 144’s domination with extremely vigorous defensive play. ROCK 144 was eliminated in the semi-finals with narrow nine-point losses.

ROCK 144 did get an impressive nod from the judges, which recognized the team with the Industrial Design Award. This award celebrates the entire design, build and execution – including functionality, reliability and its contribution to the entire team’s success.

ROCK 144 next travels to California University of Pennsylvania for another round of competition.

ROBOT REVEAL: The unveiling of “Obsidian”