Colerain Programming and Game Design

Students in Butler Tech/Colerain Instructor, Jim Williams’ class are using the concepts learned in class to make their own personal video games. All the students first made a “1945 Game” that teaches them many of the concepts in making a basic game. Then the students made a “Practice Platform Game” that taught them more advanced concepts, such as creating platforms, creating player physics, and creating player animation. After making those two games, the students spent some time coming up with the concept for their own game and finding images on the internet to use. The students then used Photoshop and Publisher to edit the images and create needed text graphics, finally, creating their own personal game using Construct II.

“I loved combining creativity with my newly learned skills to apply my ideas onto a blank plane, and learning to create something new on my own,” shared student, Elijah Smith.

elijah smith colerain game design

Elijah Smith working on his personal game design

Later in the year, the students will learn to code these types of games using the C# coding language when making games in Visual Studio, and in the Unity Game Engine.  Toward the end of the year, the students will be making virtual reality video games and will be able to play the VR games using Oculus Quest VR googles.

“One thing that I liked about making games in Construct II was that it taught me how video game logic works. Construct II was also a simple platform that allowed game events to be easily created, and I could enjoy creating simple games,” said student, Josh Cappel.

Josh Cappel colerain game deisgn

Josh Cappel working on his personal game design