Community honors seniors in Military Recognition Ceremony

In a memorable afternoon with community and family, Butler Tech and the Butler County Educational Service Center hosted their first Military Recognition Ceremony. Nearly 100 seniors were honored, including those attending Butler Tech, who made the courageous commitment to serve in the military after graduation.

“It makes me happy seeing people who are attempting to recognize those who are willing to put their lives forth,” said senior Adam Weaver of Butler Tech’s Criminal Justice program.

Red, white and blue emanated throughout the event, setting the tone for the students as they filed in, greeted their recruiters, and took their seats. Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson was the event’s keynote speaker and addressed the audience with his experience as a U.S. Army Ranger and what an honor it is to serve our nation.

Photo Credit: Valda Hilley. Congressman Davidson helps honor students who committed to the military.

Photo Credit: Valda Hilley. Congressman Davidson helps honor students who committed to the military.

“What you will find in life isn’t so much about where you’re at right now, it’s what are your goals,” said Congressman Davidson in his speech to students. “When I was enlisted in the Army, it was about being all that you can be, and the Army gave me a chance to do that. And what you find is when you apply yourself, when you do the best you can with what you have, where you’re at, right now, you’re going to be amazed at what you can do, and I’m thankful I went through it.”

Each student was recognized on stage and presented with their first challenge coin by Congressman Davidson. These coins are a time-honored tradition in military service designed to recognize special achievements and build camaraderie among those within their branch. The ceremony’s date and U.S. flag was featured on one side of the coin, and the Ohio flag and lamp of knowledge was featured on the opposite side.

For many students, their upcoming future in the Military represents an opportunity to explore the world, grow beyond their limits and achieve an excellent education. For others, it’s their chance to honor those family members who served before them, like Butler Tech Bioscience senior, Mallory Sumpter.

“My entire family, except my mom, is all Military. So we have Air Force, Marine and Navy. It’s like an honor that I get to uphold that family tradition,” said Sumpter.

“I think that having this day is an amazing idea,” said Davidson. “I think it’s tremendous not just that Butler Tech chose to have the event, but they had such broad community support and I’m confident that it will continue to grow.”