Competitors become classmates at Butler Tech

Hannah Campbell and Lillian Pfohl with their horses at Butler County Fairgrounds

Two new faces in the Butler Tech Equine Science program will be no strangers to each other. In fact, these future classmates have a long history of competition, since they were seven-years-old!

Hannah Campbell of Talawanda High School and Lillian Pfohl of Edgewood High School had their most recent match-up at the Butler County Fair. They were the overall senior speed champions, so well matched against each other that Hannah’s championship win came down to 3/100ths of a second over Lillian.

Lillian took a few first place finishes of her own in Barrels (16-18), Cones & Barrels (16-18), and Keyhole (16-18). Hannah took victories in Poles (14-18), Stakes (14-18), and Keyhole (14-15).

Hannah chose to join Butler Tech’s Equine Science program to gain a greater knowledge of horses and apply it to a future career.

Lillian wants to pursue a career in equine physical therapy and chose Butler Tech to start down that career pathway.