Criminal Justice partners with US Secret Service

Butler Tech Criminal Justice program at Colerain High School is proud to announce a phenomenal new partnership with the United States Secret Service!

Butler Tech Criminal Justice Instructor, Jeremiah Morgan, has created an educational partnership with the United States Secret Service Agents which will provide a real-world and real-time educational opportunity for the senior Criminal Justice Cadets at Colerain High School. The partnership will consist of a 4 part series in which Secret Service Agents come into the classroom, spend time with Cadets and introduce them to the proud profession of being in the United States Secret Service.  The Secret Service Agents will cover several topics of the Secret  Service profession including:Secret Service in CJ

  • History of the United States Secret Service and the capacity they serve today.
  • A day in the life of being a Secret Service Agent and the different job titles obtainable in this profession
  • Cyber Crimes facing American Citizens, the Government and law enforcement.
  • Overview of a polygraph (lie detector) and how this investigative tool assists Agents in their investigations
  • What it takes to be a part of this elite agency from the application process to physical fitness standards as well as the Secret Service Academy Educational standards that agents must pass to successfully graduate and become an Agent.

Secret Service in CJ