DECA – Top 10 in Ohio and National Qualifiers

Congratulations to the students who finished in the Top 10 in Ohio and those who advanced to nationals, finishing in the top four for DECA!

Advancing to Nationals: 
Levi Grimm, Professional Selling/Hospitality and Tourism – Ross High School
Ana Lu Gehner, Principles of Finance – Colerain High School
Hebron Gurara, Principles of Marketing – Colerain High School
Hannah Prszler, Personal Finance – Colerain High School
Quinton Baird, School-based Enterprise – Northwest High School
Tori Latimer, School-based Enterprise – Northwest High School
Noah Floyd, School-based Enterprise – Northwest High School
Jacob Insprucker, Financial Services – Edgewood High School
Elija Beeler, Financial Services – Edgewood High School

Top 10 State Qualifiers:

Ross High School: 
Hanna Stone, Innovation Team
Brooklyn Flaherty, Innovation Team
Kellan Romans, Financial Literacy Promotion
Olivia Claytoon, Financial Literacy Promotion
Lauren Toelke, Financial Literacy Promotion
Heather Klumb, Creative Marketing Plan
Brooke Rumpler, Creative Marketing Plan
Emma Stidd, Creative Marketing Plan
Whitney Arno, Community Service Project
Adrianne Gleason, Community Service Project
Lexie Vangen, Community Service Project

Colerain High School: 
Ashly Helms, Professional Selling
Austin Wolfe, Business Services
Jairyn Mann, Human Resources
Jullia Frey, Human Resources
Carrie Hilbert, Principles of Hospitality

Northwest High School:
Whittaker, Financial Literacy Promotion Project
Chapin, Financial Literacy Promotion Project
Biswa, Financial Literacy Promotion Project
Eichenlaub, Independent Business Plan
Johnson, Independent Business Plan

Edgewood High School:
Bekah Moore, Marketing Communications
Lani Haas, Restaurant and Food Management
Caitlyn Claxton, Financial Literacy Promotion
Gracie Henderson, Financial Literacy Promotion
Emma Allen, Financial Literacy Promotion
Madi Westerfield, Community Service
Leann McAbee, Community Service
Cody Sams, Community Service

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

2019 DECA Participants