Engineering students making a real-world impact

Chase Church, a seventh-grade student at Lakota’s Liberty Junior High School, received an adaptive step stool and grabber tool made by students in Butler Tech’s Engineering Design and Development Capstone course at Lakota East High School.

Emma Krabbe, Logan Shaw, Ethan Grieshop and John Thompson, all seniors, met with Chase in the fall to begin a specialized project to meet his needs due to Achondroplasia, a hereditary condition in which the bones and cartilage don’t reach their full potential resulting in short limbs. Through a meeting with Chase and his family, the team determined that he would benefit from a multi-purpose, portable step stool device that would help him to carry items, allow him to use it as a step-stool and a seat, and even allow him to put his feet on it when sitting in a chair. Additionally, the project included an adaptive grabber to help Chase reach things out of his reach.

The team worked throughout the school year to research Achondroplasia and existing adaptive devices, develop a design concept, analyze their design and ultimately construct the prototype device.

“This project has been very rewarding to work on and especially present to our student. We are giving him the opportunity to reach his full potential for the next few years with the help of our project,” said Krabbe.

Chase adaptive tool presentation

Chase Adaptive Stool presentation