Firefighting Technology students participate in live-burn training

The DRL Firefighting Technology program conducted its annual live-burn training simulation.

Instructor Richard Hall collaborates with the City of Fairfield to use their live-burn building.  He also partners with active firefighters from surrounding fire departments, many of whom are Butler Tech Adult Education Fire Fighting Instructors; together they facilitate 3 days of live training for the students.

The pictures capture the seniors from the D. Russel Lee Firefighting Technology program.  They hosted William Sprankles, Kristen Abudakar, and Ann Rush today as learners.  Specifically, the students demonstrated radio communications, hose movement, key fire terminology, and other critical fire technology skills needed to put out a 450-degree fire in a burning building.

“I was given the opportunity to experience some of the firefighting training that our students go through…WITH our students. The most amazing part of the experience was seeing how excited the kids were to share their craft, how many of them wanted to help/lead me, and how proud they were of what they were doing! I was truly humbled to share the experience with them and, as scary as it was, I was more concerned about doing my little part correctly so that I didn’t let them down…teamwork at its highest level!” shared Ann Rush after participating in the live-burn training.

The students navigated multiple times through the smoke-filled building, rescued victims, demonstrated the usage of ladder techniques – and other high leverage skills expected within the pathway.

During the live-burn, students reflected and shared how they were preparing for the Student Showcases scheduled for October 17th.

live burn firefighting 2019