Tier 2 Hybrid FAQ

  • Teaching and learning will be a combination of traditional methods and distance learning with the incorporation of online tools such as Schoology, Zoom, etc.

    The basis of each plan is as follows:

    • 50% of the students will receive face-to-face instruction on campus either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
    • 50% of the students will learn online on the days they are not assigned to attend campus
    • *Fridays – personalized/teacher-directed Fifth Day Experience (during semester 1) are required days of school attendance and can be one of the following:
      • Complete virtual/distance learning for academic lab assignments online
      • On-site/in-person at the student’s regularly assigned campus by appointment
      • An approved site for the work-based learning experience

    For more information specific to your campus and program please click the appropriate campus below.

    D. Russel Lee

    Natural Science Center

    Bioscience Center

    School of the Arts

    *Students will be assigned/approved for their Friday location one week in advance, based on academic needs, lab needs, and industry opportunities

  • As part of Butler Tech’s Tier 2 Hybrid plan, Fridays during semester one are either distance learning days or face-to-face on campus when an instructor or administrator requests for you to attend campus for intervention and/or enrichment activities.

    At the beginning of each week, students will receive an individualized email to their Butler Tech email address with details for the upcoming Friday. The email will include whether or not the student needs to be on campus as well as the instructor or administrator who has requested their attendance and the reason.

    Following the student email regarding Fridays, parents of students who need to be on campus on Friday will receive an email and a phone call from Butler Tech alerting them.

    Please note that bus transportation will run as normal on Fridays.

    If you have questions, please contact your instructor or building principal.