Information Technology students earn Lean Six Sigma certification

Students in the Information Technology program at the Fairfield Township Campus recently acquired a certification new to Butler Tech, Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. Tom Newman, one of Butler Tech’s Information Technology instructors, is a certified Lean Six Sigma trainer and administered the training to the students at no cost.

“Employers are looking for prospective employees with these types of experiences and now our high school students are gaining such skills early on, making them more marketable within the workforce,” explained Newman. “Lean Six Sigma provides our students with tools as well as team-building experiences that they will be able to use in their personal & professional lives life-long.”

IT students in labTopman Somenutse, senior IT student and certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, recognizes the benefits of gaining this foundation in high school.

“I hope to go on to earn my Green Belt and eventually my Black Belt after high school,” Somenutse said. “This training is so beneficial because the biggest companies recognize it. Plus, I’m able to utilize it in high school while working in groups to make project management more efficient.”

Somenutse admitted that the most difficult part of the certification and passing the required test was understanding how it could apply in real-world situations for businesses.  However, by applying it to group projects in class he was able to understand the correlation.

IT students in lab

“They are able to use this new experience within their student showcases and upcoming Fifth Day Experiences. They learn about team building, problem-solving and multiple tools that create data correlations for efficient and effective decision making – providing that inventive and innovative mindset,” explained Newman.

Butler Tech hopes to explore Lean Six Sigma as a valuable certification for students in additional career tech programs moving forward.

Our training and certification partner for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt is Maximum Potential, Inc. Find out more about their Lean Six Sigma curriculum for High Schools in Ohio here: