LIFE with Coffee

Project LIFE, one of our transition to work and adult life programs, recently launched “LIFE with Coffee” a student-operated coffee cart at the LeSourdsville Campus. The Project LIFE program provides students who receive special education services the opportunity to learn and enhance daily living and employability skills in real-world learning environments. LIFE with Coffee includes Project LIFE student interns who are developing their communication and professionalism skills through positions such as barista, cashier, and set-up and stocking.

“This coffee cart is an amazing opportunity for the Project LIFE interns to work on a variety of skills taught as part of the Project LIFE course of study. They are able to use these skills in a real-world setting. Many of my students have gone on to work in similar jobs in their community after completing this program,” shared Michelle Bumgarner, Project LIFE instructor.

In their positions at LIFE with Coffee, student interns are responsible for taking customer orders, coffee preparation, tracking inventory, payment exchange, supply orders, and stocking.

Nick Linberg, Executive Director of Strategic Programming shared how Project LIFE’s presence on the adult education campus has affected tstudent and cash boxhe overall culture of the building.

“Project LIFE has been a great addition to our Adult Education campus.  The students and staff have a positive mindset that shines on everyone. Project LIFE has infused themselves into our campus providing all of us new opportunities for student growth, relationships, and experiential learning,” said Linberg.

Licensed Practical Nursing Instructor, Mallory Trousdale, also noted the positive presence of the Project LIFE students and their new endeavor.

“It has been so nice to see the new friendly faces in our building. Project LIFE students are always eager to help and the tasks they are learning are extremely valuable,” shared Trousdale.

life with coffee