Meet the 2017-2018 Ohio BPA State Officer Historian and Secretary

Nicholas Harper and Safa Azad celebrate their victory.

Butler Tech staff, students and parents jumped to their feet cheering when they heard Safa Azad and Nicholas Harper being elected to the 2017 – 2018 State Officer Team at the Business Professional of America Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

“As their teacher, I am truly proud to see them receive this honor,” says Peter Clark, Butler Tech Financial Services Honors instructor at Northwest High School. “They spent many weekends here working on their speeches, improving their interviewing skills and polishing their campaigns.”

Azad nodded in acceptance as she listened to the many responsibilities she was inheriting as Historian. Her duties include collecting the chapter’s information to store in their records, gather and prepare chapter news, supply information to news outlets, and create their chapter yearbook.

“I’m still on cloud 9,” says Azad thinking back on the experience. “Even though it’s all happened, I still can’t believe it’s real. This is such a huge change from where I was in my freshman year.”

Harper walked to the podium to be sworn in as the 2017-2018 State Officer Secretary with the chorus of his parent’s praise filling his heart. His duties include keeping an organized record of meeting notes, oversees the collection of chapter votes, is an advisor to the president, and answers correspondences.

“It was all surreal,” says Harper. “Things became real when I saw all the competition. But I’m excited to be Secretary, because coming into all these opportunities shows me we’re doing things right at Northwest High School and Butler Tech.” says Harper.

Harper is no stranger to the life of a BPA state officer. Earlier in his high school career, Harper had the honor of watching his older brother flourish into a leader as the 2015-2016 State Officer Treasurer.

“When I told my brother I made the state officer team, he told me this is my time. The important thing I can do is bask in this opportunity because there’s a lot I can learn and grow from.” says Harper.

December 6 through December 8, the students will attend their first Ohio BPA executive meeting and receive training to better learn what is expected of them while in their positions.

Azad and Harper both plan to major in business after high school. Azad has her sights set on attending Ohio University to major in finance or economics. Harper has already applied to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and looks to major in computer science and minor in finance.

Students that interviewed for a finalist position. L to R: James Wolfe, Adam Haynes, Brennan Gehring, Deon Andrews, Kieron Harrell, Gabby Mahar, Nicholas Harper, Safa Azad, Andrew Lemon, and Liz Murray. Not pictured: Dakota Carter, Aaron Bogue, and Payton Campellone.

The following students from Butler Tech programs interviewed for a finalist position. They included: Liz Murray and James Wolfe from the Business Program at Colerain High School; Deon Andrews, Safa Azad, Brennan Gehring, Nicholas Harper, Andrew lemon, and Gabby Mahar from the Financial Services Honors Program at Northwest High School; and D. Russel Lee Information Technology students Dakota Carter from Madison High School, Aaron Bogue from Lakota West High School, and Payton Campellone from Lakota East High School.

Butler Tech’s BPA program allows students to explore careers in the business industry, such as business management, information technology, finance, and office administration. Students participate in a number of activities to learn business concepts and practices to answer real-world scenarios and problem solve issues that appear in their specific field, as well as build the leadership, communication and critical thinking skills employers value.