Natural Science Center student publishes book, Ember’s Dragons


Just a few weeks ago, when you would see senior Equine Science student, Isabel Tilton, mucking stalls at Butler Tech’s Natural Science Center, wearing a hoodie and boots, it was easy to assume her passion and purpose includes horses. However, less easy to surmise is that her love of one special horse, in particular, led her to become a published author.

As a young girl, Isabel’s father was deployed overseas several times and while coping with his absence, she was granted the opportunity to attend a horse riding camp where she met a horse named Trooper. Immediately Isabel knew that the bond she and Trooper had was special. She also realized that once the camps were over, she and Trooper wouldn’t be able to continue spending time together. So even though she was still a young child, she asked the owners to contact her if they ever decided to sell him. Fast-forward nearly ten years and the call came Isabel had hoped for, a chance to purchase Trooper for her own.

“It was so important to me to be able to get Trooper,” Isabel explained, “I wanted to thank him for all of the things that he did for me, helping me through my dad’s deployments.”

An avid writer, Isabel had been writing a young-adult fantasy for several years. Realizing she needed to make quite a bit of money, and quickly, to purchase Trooper, she focused all of her time and energy into finishing her story.

“I knew I wanted this horse so bad, and I thought maybe if I poured my passion into my writing, I could make it work for Trooper and me both.”

After months of working frantically to finish the manuscript, Isabel’s mother contacted a local publishing company and presented, “Ember’s Dragons” for publication and less than a month later it was accepted!  Over the next year, Isabel worked with Braughler Books on legal contracts, book edits, cover art, and much more before finally releasing her book, “Ember’s Dragons” in February 2020. In the meantime, with the help of her family, Isabel was able to purchase Trooper and she will continue to use the proceeds from her book deal to cover the expense.

To learn more about “Ember’s Dragons” and to purchase the book visit:

Isabel Tilton