Financial Services Honors

Students in Butler Tech Financial Services Honors and members of Business Professionals of America

Financial Services Honors is a college-prep program for students who are looking for an exciting and challenging way to explore the world of business and finance.

As a student in Financial Services, you will:

  • Discover what makes a company successful – and learn how to start, finance, and grow your own business.
  • Gain the skills necessary to manage your financial future.
  • Explore interesting material in a fast-paced, interactive environment.
  • Improve your communication skills, build your leadership abilities, and develop strategies for working successfully in teams.
  • Become experienced in all of the latest technology applications used in business today.
  • Be prepared for a successful transition to many exciting college majors and careers.

Junior Year
Strategic Entrepreneurship and Financial Accounting. Throughout the first year of the program, students discover what makes a company successful… and learn how to start, manage, and grow their own successful businesses.

Senior Year
Fundamentals of Financial Services and Corporate Finance. Throughout the second year of the program, students focus on all aspects of personal finance and business finance and prepare for a successful transition to college and beyond.


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