One student’s journey that led him to Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing Students

L to R: Amanda Hibbard, Seth Wagonfield, and Jalesisa Morgan

Seth Wagonfield of Hamilton always knew he wanted to pursue a career in a service-oriented field, but what that looked like exactly, he wasn’t sure.
After graduating from Hamilton High School, he enlisted in the Army Reserves. He was active in the military police, but what he discovered was, “Although I was helping people, they didn’t like me for helping them!”

Then, a series of events began to play out in Seth’s life, and he started to realize which direction he should go for his career.

“My grandfather was sick, and one night, because he refused to go to the hospital, I had to carry him to bed,” said Seth. “Something clicked inside, that I was supposed to be helping people in the medical field, because I was good at it.”

Also happening, Seth’s grandmother was suffering from dementia after having suffered a stroke.

“I found myself just spending time, hanging out with her at the birdcages,” he recalled. “Her eyes would light up when she saw me, so it was easy to find worth in what I was doing.”

So, Seth, already an STNA, enrolled in Butler Tech’s Practical Nursing program, to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

His ultimate goal is to work with Hospice, assisting with Care Plans.

“You really get to know families well, and I want to be able to get them the care they deserve,” said Seth. “A lot of families don’t understand the role of Hospice, so I hope to help change that.”

Seth has been pleased with the training he has received at Butler Tech.

“Coming to Butler Tech has been a stepping stone for me following through with my dreams,” he said. “The teachers really care about us, know their stuff, and are willing to go above and beyond when we have questions.”

He has also enjoyed getting to work with his fellow classmates. Being only one of two guys in the class hasn’t bothered him, at all.

“Being in a class with mostly women ultimately paid off,” he said. “I know that I can work with anyone, and that will make me a better nurse for all of my future patients.”

Seth says the class has become close in their 11 months together.

Seth and his classmates will graduate June 12, 2017.

Practical Nursing will be offered again July 21, 2017 and will run through June 11, 2018.

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