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10th Grade Career Exploration Academy

10th grade

Ready to Focus on Your Future?

Students enrolled in 10th Grade Career Exploration Academy receive personalized guidance to focus on the future they desire, providing opportunities and experiences for personal growth and career exploration. Students will gain transferable skills that will support them in any career pathway of their choice in their Junior and Senior years.

10th Grade Career Exploration Academy at Butler Tech

  • Hands-on learning in entrepreneurship and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
  • Exposure to Butler Tech’s four campuses and diverse college/career pathways.
  • Entrepreneurship focus: Business ideation, planning, marketing, and financial management.
  • STEM focus: Cutting-edge technologies, practical experiments, and project collaboration.

Post-Program Pathways

  • Choice of a Butler Tech 2-Year Program for Junior and Senior years.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Independence, focus, and confidence.
  • Personalized and dynamic education approach.
  • Fosters self-discovery and academic excellence.
  • Prepares students for successful future college/careers

This is a full-time program offered during a student’s sophomore year. Students will apply in their freshman year.

Program Highlights

Industry Overview

Jump Start your Future with Butler Tech

In 10th Grade Career Exploration Academy, transform your sophomore year into a fact-finding mission about you, your passions, and your purpose. Spend this key year exploring a wide variety of career paths to find your fit. Collaborate in daily, hands-on labs that build a bridge between core academics and real-world experiences. Also, gain access to early College Credit Plus during your sophomore year.

Explore Butler Tech programs to find your passion and continue into the 2-year program of your choice during your junior and senior years.

Course Work

  • Core academics like science, English, math, and social studies
  • Practical applications of life skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving
  • Solid foundation in entrepreneurship and STEM
  • Exposure to a wide range of career fields