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Modern industry relies on computer-aided design, or CAD, for engineering the products we use every day. For example, the computer or cell phone you are reading this on started out as a technical design that showed others how to build them.

CAD has applications in manufacturing, aerospace, architecture, healthcare and many other fields.

Butler Tech teaches CAD with Dassault SolidWorks software.

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Computer Aided Design

Course Highlights

SolidWorks Basic provides a foundation for entry-level operators, including:

  • Program interface
  • Software features and functions
  • Toolbox basics
  • Drawing creation
  • File management
  • Design tables
  • 3D modeling

      SolidWorks Intermediate will advance your skills learned in the Basic course, including:

  • Materials selection and use
  • Advanced proficiency in features and functions
  • Skills development in design tables, 3D modeling, parts assembly and reverse engineering



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