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Certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission

Concealed Carry Classes

Firearms Qualification

Butler Tech Concealed Carry Classes prepare you with the required training to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) in the State of Ohio. Training is conducted at the Butler Tech Public Safety Education Complex in Liberty Township. It includes six hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of two-hours of range time and live-fire training at our on-site firing range.

Butler Tech and its firearms instructors are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) to offer Concealed Carry training to the general public.

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Concealed Carry Classes

Course Highlights

Training topics

  • The ability to name, explain and demonstrate the rules for safe handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition
  • The ability to demonstrate and explain how to handle ammunition in a safe manner
  • The ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner
  • Gun handing training


Students must furnish:

  • Unloaded handgun chambered for 9mm, .38, .357, .380, .40 or .45 caliber*
  • Appropriate holster for your handgun model and caliber
  • 100 rounds of ammunition

* A limited number of handguns are available to rent at a price of $35.