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Information Technology

Butler Tech Information Technology High School

Program Overview

Butler Tech’s Information Technology pathway leads students to explore ways to create, maintain and secure information systems and other key technology components. Training alongside field professionals, students gain hands-on experience in real-life settings as they learn current software development languages, object-oriented programming concepts, and database theory.

Butler Tech Information Technology combines college instruction with hands-on activities to prepare students to be competitive in the global economy. Students have the opportunity to earn a Computer Software Development Certificate through Cincinnati State prior to graduation. Then, students can continue their education at Cincinnati State to pursue a Computer Programming & Database Management – Computer Software Development Major.

College Tech Prep Program

This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity for multiple on and off-ramps between industry and education.
Students in the Information Technology program can earn college credit through College Credit Plus (CCP) to put them well on their way to earning various certificates, an associate degree, or beyond. Students can enter directly into the workforce well-prepared for success, or they can seamlessly fold their certificate into post-secondary education in local college and university degree programs. College Tech Prep programs provide advanced skills in math, science, communication, and technology.

Student Organization

Information Technology students participate in SkillsUSA, a student business organization that empowers members with a structured program that promotes citizenship, leadership, employability, and technical and professional skills training.

Program Highlights

Industry Overview

Information Technology careers are all about problem-solving, creativity, and applying knowledge to the newest tech gadgets. Due to rapid growth in cloud computing and public interest in information security, the demand for this field is high and growing. Use your skills for innovation and troubleshooting to shape our digital culture in an IT career.

Course Work

  • Programming
  • Database Design & SQL
  • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming Using Python
  • Java Programming
  • C Programming
  • Web Application Development

Certificate Opportunity
• Computer Software Development

Degree Opportunity
1+ year after graduation
Computer Programming & Database Management – Computer Software Development