High School

Two-Year Programs

Instrumental Music

Butler Tech Instrumental and Vocal Music Overview

Turn your passion for music into a career in Butler Tech’s Instrumental Music pathway. Rock, jazz, and popular music streams from the practice studios at the School of the Arts. Discover the creative and business angles of art careers as you hone your musical skills. Field-experienced instructors provide personalized training for student-led performances, auditions, and interviews. Flexible schedules allow for training, rehearsal, and creative collaboration between students from all of the School of the Arts pathways.

Hands-On Experience

Learn Instrumental or Vocal Music by actually performing. School of the Arts has a unique partnership with local organizations, offering students hands-on opportunities like:

• Job shadowing • Internship • Mentorship • Work-study experiences

Graduate from high school ready for an entry-level position or choose to continue your education at a two or four-year college to pursue a career in music. School of the Arts students can earn college credit to apply to a college degree. In 2019 83% of School of the Arts graduates went on to attend college.


Program Highlights

Industry Overview

There are as many musical occupations as there are musical styles. Whether you want to be center stage or behind-the-scenes, a creative career in music requires focused training and dedication. Musicians must be more than passionate about performing; successful artists are business savvy, persistent self-promoters and hard-working with skills that make them shine.

Course Work

  • Business of arts and communications
  • Focus in rock, jazz, rap, hip-hop, and pop
  • Musical concepts
  • Musical engineering
  • Musical ensemble and composition
  • Musical technique:
    • guitar
    • bass
    • drums
    • keyboards
    • vocals