High School

Two-Year Programs

Green Engineering

The Butler Tech Green Engineering program will be located at the Natural Science Center beginning in the Fall of 2023.  The Natural Science Center includes a brand new multi-million dollar facility, located on a former 72-acre fruit farm, the perfect natural learning environment with the most cutting-edge technology. The authentic farm setting gives the opportunity to step away from the traditional classroom and apply your core classes directly to the land and natural resources every school day.

Students will work with modern-day renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power that are harnessed and then measured in their lab.

College Tech Prep Program

This program is designed to lead students directly into an industry or college pathway well-prepared for success. Students in this program will learn first-hand how technology can be used to help create a sustainable world. They will explore clean water solutions, gain an understanding of the effectiveness of renewable energy sources, and be challenged to explore alternate solutions.

Career Technical Student Organization: 

Students in Green Engineering will participate in the National FFA Organization.

FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership.

Program Highlights

Industry Overview

This project-based pathway at the Natural Science Center is for students who want to help improve their global environment by integrating agriculture and technology. These students will develop a foundation of understanding of the environment in their junior year, exploring natural resources and the impact of business and manufacturing on the environment. During their senior year, students will explore real-world environmental issues and the design and application of environmentally conscious solutions and innovative products and processes to reduce waste and manage limited natural resources.

Green Engineering pathways include projects such as building alternative energy-powered devices, programming a farming robot, designing sustainable products, vertical farming, composting, using drones in agriculture, and ecosystem-friendly gardening and landscaping.


Course Work

  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental Systems Management
  • Environmental Science for Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Business Management for Agricultural and Environmental Systems.


  • OSHA 10