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Private Security Shotgun Qualification

remington 870

Students/security officers must bring their own unloaded shotgun, eye and ear protection, and a billed ball cap. Each student must bring their own shotgun (and only one) because sharing will not be permitted. The shotgun must be a Mossberg 500 series (pump shotgun) or Remington 870 pump shotgun.

 It is recommended that students bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition as follows:

  • 75 rounds of bird shot ammo (it can be 7 ½, 8, or 00)
  • 25 rounds of one (1) ounce slugs

This ammo is required for the shotgun class. These are suggested amounts of ammunition. Butler Tech does not sell or provide ammunition. Should you run out of ammunition, you will fail the course.

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Private Security Shotgun Qualification

Course Highlights

This course meets the training requirements of ORC Section 4749.10 covering private security firearms training.

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Next Upcoming Program

April 20

Private Security Shotgun Qualification: 04-20-2024 - 04-20-2024
Sat 2pm-7pm
Public Safety Liberty Twp Campus

June 15

Private Security Shotgun Qualification: 06-15-2024 - 06-15-2024
Sat 2pm-7pm
Public Safety Liberty Twp Campus

August 17

Private Security Shotgun Qualification: 08-17-2024 - 08-17-2024
Sat 2pm-7pm
Public Safety Liberty Twp Campus