Record-setting year for Business Professionals of America state qualifiers

Butler Tech students who qualified for Ohio Business Professionals of America state competition


Butler Tech will send a record number of state qualifiers to compete at the Ohio Business Professionals of America (BPA) State Leadership Conference in March. Nearly 200 high school and middle school students in Butler Tech programs qualified at regional BPA competitions. These judged competitions provide students opportunities to demonstrate workplace skills learned in their business education programs and better prepare them to be future leaders in the workforce.

BPA competitive events include more than 85 categories in finance; business administration; management information systems; digital communication and design; and management, marketing, and communications. Top qualifiers at the state competition will advance to the National Leadership Conference in May.

Video: Behind the Scenes at BPA Regionals

Butler Tech BPA State Qualifiers by building:

Colerain High School

AJ Lewis Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Brittany Ashcraft Business Law & Ethics
Chris Elbe C++ Programming
Nicolas Kennedy C++ Programming
Steven Stacy Computer Animation Team
Jeffery Valis Computer Animation Team
John Phan Computer Security
Michael Lewis Database Applications
Hunter Mastlin Fundamentals of Web Design
Zach West Integrated Office Applications
Michael Donald Java Programming
Chris Elbe Java Programming
Ben Lowry Medical Office Procedures
Jonathan Almedia Parliamentary Procedure Team
Rebekah Green Parliamentary Procedure Team
Elizabeth Murray Parliamentary Procedure Team
Grace Sanderson Parliamentary Procedure Team
Ethan Stout Parliamentary Procedure Team
Austin Wolfe Parliamentary Procedure Team
Thomas Hodge PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Ana Gehner Presentation Management Team
Hebron Gurara Presentation Management Team
Jacob Sanderson Presentation Management Team
Gyver Blessing SQL Database Fundamentals
Desmond Harrel SQL Database Fundamentals
Adam Bernhardt Visual Basic/C# Programming
Ryan Moore Visual Basic/C# Programming
Collin Baker Web Site Design Team
Erica Fries Web Site Design Team
Charles Jefferies Web Site Design Team
Hunter Mastlin Web Site Design Team


Colerain Middle School


Adrian Cook Digital Game Design Team ML
Justin Rettig Digital Game Design Team ML
Dior Betts Presentation Management Team ML
Grace Gehner Presentation Management Team ML
Trinyti Harvey Presentation Management Team ML
Mia Heibel Presentation Management Team ML
Kaitlyn Hill Presentation Management Team ML
Avery Mason Presentation Management Team ML
Becka Siener Presentation Management Team ML
Samantha Woytsek Presentation Management Team ML
Alexandra Harvey Spreadsheet Applications ML


D. Russel Lee Building


Dylan Stenski Advanced Interview Skills
Dakota Carter Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Jacob Handermann Computer Security
Samuel Surles Network Administration Using Microsoft
Jacob Dorow Network Design Team
David Gillispie Network Design Team
Kaleb Heinz Network Design Team
Dlyan McKnight Network Design Team
Nicholas Tomlinson PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Logan Jodrey Small Business Management Team
Elian Manzueta Nivar Small Business Management Team
Dayvon Simley Small Business Management Team


Fairfield Freshman School


Cody Callicoat Administrative Support Team
Anthony Hatton Administrative Support Team
Kevin Morrison Administrative Support Team
Brandon Sperry Administrative Support Team
Jaxon Connelly Banking & Finance
Caled Mohr Basic Office Systems & Procedures
David Scott Business Law & Ethics
Paul Ambrose Extemporaneous Speech
David Albrecht Financial Analyst Team
Nathan Hershner Financial Analyst Team
Jordan Payne Fundamentals of Web Design
Rocky Sullivan Fundamentals of Web Design
Hueston Morgan ICD-10CM Diagnostic Coding
Nathan Sheriff ICD-10CM Diagnostic Coding
Devery Smith ICD-10CM Diagnostic Coding
Kyle Giess Legal Office Procedures
Haley Holmes Medical Office Procedures
Michael Meade Medical Office Procedures
Jaime Rivas Medical Office Procedures
Maven Miller Network Adm. Using Microsoft
Kyleigh Carroll Parliamentary Procedure Team
Jacob Eversole Parliamentary Procedure Team
Sophia Michas Parliamentary Procedure Team
Caleb Mullins Parliamentary Procedure Team
Daniel Partlow Parliamentary Procedure Team
Colin Singer Parliamentary Procedure Team
Zach Headdy Presentation Management-Team
Jordan Lee Presentation Management-Team
Anye Shabazz Presentation Management-Team
Samuel Beasley System Admin Using Cisco
Kayli Bell Website Design Team
Jada Boyer Website Design Team


Fairfield High School


Paola Alcantara-Arias Advanced Spreadsheet Apps.
Dylan Lake Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Cody Albers Business Law & Ethics
Mason Hamilton Computer Animation
Alex Quedens Computer Animation
Hunter Sullivan Computer Animation
Dylan Vocke Computer Animation
Haley Gale Economic Research-Individual
Parminder Kaur Entrepreneurship
DaMar Dennis Fundamental Word Processing
Mackenzie Spurlock Global Marketing Team
Kally Spurlock Global Marketing Team
Lidia Perez-Velasquez Human Resource Management
Alivia Sloan Legal Office Procedures
Trenton Pardue Network Adm. Using Microsoft
Julia Jerger Personal Financial Management
Hailey Planert Personal Financial Management
Charles Schulze Personal Financial Management
Daniel Partlow Presentation Management Individual
Kyle Hoover SQL Database Fundamentals
Ethan Link Visual Basic/C# Programming
Hao Truong Visual Basic/C# Programming


Northwest High School


Da Quann Price Advanced Interview Skills
Josh Calle Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Jackie Linville Advanced Word Processing
Jillian Bermas Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Patrick Crockett Broadcast News Production Team
Christian Jacquillard Broadcast News Production Team
William Lemmink Broadcast News Production Team
Aaron Shouse Broadcast News Production Team
David Cao Business Law & Ethics
Samuel Anderson Computer Modeling
Ben Campbell Digital Media Production
Jenna Goodman Digital Publishing
Caitlin Scheib Digital Publishing
Diego Neri Economic Research Team
David Russell Economic Research Team
Austin Sellers Economic Research Team
Arthur Tilman Economic Research Team
Isaiah Sheilds Extemporaneous Speech
James Adleta Financial Analyst Team
Safa Azad Financial Analyst Team
Nicholas Harper Financial Analyst Team
Jalen Perry Financial Analyst Team
Megan Baker Fundamental Accounting
Anita Oranusi Fundamental Accounting
Brandon Bennett Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Lacey Jones Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Melanie Wilzbach Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Miranda Barton Fundamental Word Processing
Tu Cao Fundamental Word Processing
Diajah Kidd Global Marketing Team
Malcolm McEwen Global Marketing Team
Hannah Osae Global Marketing Team
Millicent Boni Graphic Design Promotion
Trinity Robinson Human Resource Management
Will Jasper Intermediate Word Processing
Trisha Marie Intermediate Word Processing
Gabby Mahar Interview Skills
Keith Love Legal Office Procedures
Andrew Lemon Payroll Accounting
Brennan Gehring Personal Financial Management
Robert Roach Personal Financial Management
Carleigh Boyd Small Business Management Team
Daija Brown Small Business Management Team
Serenity Robertson Small Business Management Team
Lauryn Russell Small Business Management Team
Bryce Baldock Video Production Team
Kieron Harrell Video Production Team
Adam Haynes Video Production Team
David Scott Video Production Team
Khaled El Qasem Banking and Finance

Pleasant Run Middle School


Josh Armor Administrative Support Team ML
Steven Bidleman Administrative Support Team ML
Sam Brecher Administrative Support Team ML
Steven Harrington Administrative Support Team ML
Ethan Gibson Extemporaneous Speech ML
Michael Posey Extemporaneous Speech ML
Sierra Goldick Graphic Design Promotion ML
Hanna Baker Intro to Video Production Team ML
Keaton Berry Intro to Video Production Team ML
Myles Blackwell Intro to Video Production Team ML
Emerson Cancinos Intro to Video Production Team ML
Noah Denson Intro to Video Production Team ML
Lexi Keys Intro to Video Production Team ML
Mathias Yohannes Intro to Video Production Team ML
Will Shouse Keyboarding Production
Lauren Humphrey Prepared Speech ML
Haley Meece Spreadsheet Applications

White Oak Middle School


Makyla Grace Administrative Support Team ML
Alexia Griffs Administrative Support Team ML
Holly Leininger Administrative Support Team ML
Makayla Robinson Administrative Support Team ML
Bethany Strecker Digital Game Design Team ML
Savannah Swancer Digital Game Design Team ML
Abby Butler Financial Literacy ML
Nate Perkins Graphic Design Promotion ML
Khamilah Abdul-Waheed Keyboarding Production ML
Nate Perkins Keyboarding Production ML
Thierno Diallo Prepared Speech ML
Daniel Stojanovski Spreadsheet Applications ML
Dustin Coulter Website Design Team ML
Gavin Heid Website Design Team ML
Daniel Stojanovski Website Design Team ML