Kalli Forte

Kalli Forte

Kalli Forte: “Butler Tech was my chance to jump into the field I want to pursue and get a head start on my future.”


“I chose to attend Butler Tech because when I see an opportunity I reach for it. Butler Tech was my chance to jump into the field I want to pursue and get a head start on my future.”

She adds, “I had heard nothing but positive things about Butler Tech, which made me even more interested. Coming into my last two years of high school I need to start thinking about colleges and Butler Tech looks great for colleges.”

On how Butler Tech is transforming Forte’s life, she says, “It has really put my strengths to the test and has shown me some of the weaknesses and spots that have room for improvement. Butler Tech has taken over my life completely in the best way possible.”

Considering that classes and homework can demand a lot of time, Forte, who is studying Health Technologies, says she was very pleased with life-skills training. “Time management is a big skill Butler Tech has made me focus on. Not only has Butler Tech expanded the curriculum and education I am getting by teaching me about things I will use in my actual career, but it has also shown me many life skills.”

Of these life skills, Forte explains that a big one is team building. “It is impossible not to meet new people when attending Butler Tech. Butler Tech has shown me how to work well with others, be a leader, put in the amount of work necessary to succeed, and they’ve also shown me many options and different paths I can take for my future.”

When asked about Butler Tech educators, Forte replies, “The teachers at Butler Tech are amazing. Each teacher is so interested in the material they teach and are passionate about teaching it, which really draws in students and keeps the learning experience even more fascinating. They are very respectful to students, and treat us as young, responsible adults. The trust and freedom is my favorite part because it really allows students to test our abilities before attending college.”

Of her favorite class, she says, “My favorite class is Allied Health. I enjoy this class most because it is extremely hands on, which helps keep the learning experience interesting. This class makes me feel like I am really jumping into my future.”

And as for her future, Forte says her goal is to attend a four-year, pre-med college. “I am still exploring all of my options for my future, of course, but as of right now, I am interested in studying anesthesiology.”