Nicole Molfetta

Nicole Molfettta

 “I instantly knew I was meant to be there.”


Nicole Molfetta, who completed coursework at Butler Tech during high school, says Butler Tech transformed her life in many aspects. “It has shown me what I wanted to do in life, and it’s given me a group of friends who now have become family to me. It also has shown me I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I work hard for it.”

Molfetta says she finally felt like she was at home when she walked into Butler Tech’s precision machining lab. “I instantly knew I was meant to be there. I loved my teacher, Mr. Halcomb, and all the students were so inviting.”

When asked about memorable moments at Butler Tech, she says, “Honestly the entire past two years will be something I never forget, but the highlight was when I got second place in state for CNC Turning. It was such a great payoff for two years of hard work, and I far exceeded any expectation of myself.”

With the help of Butler Tech staff and educators, Molfetta says she was able to move into important career work. “My junior year of high school, I got a job at MachinTek, thanks to my teacher Mr. Halcomb, and my senior year of high school I got a job at Rhinestahl. I currently work there and have worked full-time the entire summer, and now they help work with me while I’m in school.”

Molfetta says Butler Tech teachers, specifically Mr. Halcomb, changed her life forever. “He has been someone who pushed me to be better and helped me to find my dreams and passions in life, and I think I speak for my whole class when I say that if Mr. Halcomb wasn’t the teacher when we went, then it wouldn’t have been the same experience. All of the Butler Tech staff is encouraging and always helping students to succeed, and for that I am thankful for them.”

Molfetta adds that she plans to pay her education forward. “I plan to pay it forward to pass on the knowledge that was passed down to me to the next class, and hopefully that class will be impacted the same way I was and will continue to do so.”

Molfetta is currently attending Sinclair Community College as a transfer student, and in two years she’ll finish her coursework at the University of Dayton for mechanical engineering.