Student Holiday Card Designs

What happens when you ask a class of 43 talented art students to create a design for a Butler Tech Holiday card? You get 43 amazing, creative pieces done in various mediums that are almost impossible to choose from!

Students in art instructor Mary Catherine Ruby’s art class were asked to create a Holiday card for Butler Tech. Design instructions they were given did not restrict the medium they used, but they were asked to make their designs a specific size, and somehow incorporate the new Butler Tech logo into their piece.

Choosing one from the 43 submissions was an impossible task and the decision was made to use five of the 43 designs for the Butler Tech Holiday cards. As a thank you for their hard work on this project, all of the students who submitted a design will receive a pack of their design professionally printed as cards with envelopes.

Artist: Jessicalina Tongono

Artist: Phoenix O’Neil

Artist: Livia Hardin

Artist: Kyla Sears

Artist: Joselyn Lewis