Career Based Intervention Program

Butler Tech Career Based Intervention (CBI) is a career-technical program designed for students in grades 7-12 who are eligible based on academic and/or economic need.

The CBI program is designed to help students improve academic achievement, keep students on track to graduate from high school, develop employability skills, set goals and implement a career plan, and participate in a career pathway in preparing for postsecondary education and future careers.

The CBI program provides a combination of educational, service and/or work-based learning opportunities. Designed to enhance student success, work-based learning can be paid or non paid and can be single or multiple periods in length depending on the age of the student.

  • Work-based Learning & Career Connections Models

    • Increase student’s opportunity for transition to next grade level
    • Earlier introduction to business ethics and employability concepts
    • Instructor mentoring to increase organization and study skills
    • Effective student/teacher ratios
    • Increased contact with parents and teachers

  • Benefits to Students

    • Develop better understanding of real-life issues
    • Learn academics in context
    • Become more goal-oriented
    • Learn to use problem-solving skills
    • Practice work ethic and understand concept of work
    • Develop a portfolio of skills for the future
    • Improved attendance and better grades
    • Earn income while you learn in school and on the job
    • Become better prepared for future employment and promotion

  • Topics Covered

    • Banking & Credit
    • Researching Careers
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Taxes & Social Security
    • Interviewing
    • Technology in the Workplace
    • Managing Your Money
    • Workplace Ethics
    • Professional Communication Skills
    • Workplace Health & Safety

  • Admission Requirements

    • Scores below 25th percentile on standardized achievement or aptitude test
    • Has a current secondary school GPA below a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and/or math, reading or writing deficiencies below grade level
    • Middle School Only: Student is in jeopardy of failing one or more academic subjects or grade level
    • Qualifies per economic conditions
    • Non-passage of current required State Tests

    Students receive credits in work-based learning as well as their academic classes from the associate school. Credits for the number of hours worked are determined by each local school district.

  • Work-based Learning Opportunities
    All work based learning students will be given the opportunity to work at businesses in the community in a planned, managed partnership. The student experience will be appropriate for the needs of the student and their ability to participate. All jobs meet Minor Labor Law Standards. Businesses participate to make learning real, to relate lessons to life, and to focus classroom learning on meaningful outcomes.

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