Career Development Initiatives

Butler Tech Career Initiatives provides career development opportunities to Butler Tech students and to the associate school districts that we serve.


  • Information to help students make informed education, military, and career-related decisions within the context of a global economy
  • Interest and skills assessments using and other resources
  • Career advising to students in grades K-12, which includes age-appropriate activities and grade-level examples that link students’ schoolwork to one or more career fields.
  • Job shadow and apprenticeship experiences
  • Mobile lab providing comprehensive, individualized, hands-on career assessment to students in associate schools
  • Resources for students to obtain up-to-date career and labor market information
  • Resources for students to obtain current post-secondary information and training options
  • Resources and support for developing soft skills and resumes
  • Maintain and run the eighth grade Butler Tech Career Lab, an onsite career assessment lab and tour

Teachers, School Counselors, Administrators

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Curriculum integration support
  • Instructional help in the classroom
  • Training and access to career-related information and events


  • Access to career-related information

Business, Industry, Community

  • Opportunities to be involved in career development activities and to be seen as a vital classroom resource
  • Employees who have both technical skills and 21st Century Skills

CLICK HERE for Butler Tech’s Career Advising Policy on BoardDocs

More Career Development Information