1:1 Computing

Your laptop computer

If you are a full-time student on one of Butler Tech’s high school campuses, you will receive a laptop computer when you begin your program. It will be yours to use for the entire time you are in the program, and in most cases, it will belong to you after you complete your program at Butler Tech.

About the computer

Your computer is a fully functioning laptop that uses the Microsoft Windows operating system. All computers will have Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) installed, along with the specialized software you will need for your educational program.

Most courses will use the Schoology Learning Management System for school messages, homework assignments, calendars, schedules, tutorials, etc. Computers also will have wireless and wired Internet access.

It’s yours when you graduate

When you complete the program you will take ownership of the laptop free of charge if you meet these requirements:

  • Meet or exceed all graduation requirements
  • Complete your Career Technical Program
  • 95% attendance rate during the final year of the program
  • Once in the program, not suspended or expelled from the program

If you qualify to keep your computer free of charge, you will turn it back into the district to be refurbished to its original condition, and it will be returned to you.