All students who attend Butler Tech will need to meet graduation requirements set by the State of Ohio. So, along with your career technical training, you will take traditional academic classes such as English, math, science and social studies. These classes will enhance both career and college opportunities.

All of the courses at Butler Tech are at the college prep level. We also offer advanced courses and AP courses, and some foreign language courses. Students also have multiple ways to earn college credit at Butler Tech.

Our high-performing students are eligible to join the National Technical Honor Society. It has the same high standards, testing and GPA requirements of the National Honor Society in your home school – but designed especially for technical career centers.

We work to individualize our academic program to meet each student’s need. If you need a course that is available only online, we will look for ways to make that work. What’s different about Butler Tech’s academic courses is that our instructors tie academic courses to your chosen career path, allowing you to see the practical application of what you’ve learned.

For students who arrive at Butler Tech lacking required credits, we will create an intervention plan to recover those credits and help the student gain those missing skills.

If students come with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from a previous school, we have experts to help them as well. Butler Tech has intervention specialists and vocational special educators to support any child with special needs.